Barry Tim

“We got the service of Cargo Movers for our moving on Aug 2018. We are extremely happy about their service. Mike and the team did a professional work. They did everything very nicely, efficiently and timely. We will hire them again if want to move. They quoted the minimum of 3 h + 1 h for transport and they did everything within 4+1 h. Thanks Guys!!!”

Lisa Storey

“The pick up was very smooth and with ease. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back in regards to when my things will get to the final destination and where exactly the storage is going to be. A little more detailed communication between the movers and the client will be very helpful.”

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

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Leonardo H

“I have used Cargo Movers for big office moves. They were professional, affordable, responsive, and friendly. They have been wonderful, and I would not consider using another company ever again. Highly recommend.”

Calvin Steffen

“Absolute nightmare. I cannot stress how they do not care even remotely if you have a concern or need information of any kind (even dates, estimates, anything at all) They lost some of my furniture and basically disregarded my follow-up because it was out of the claim range. I do not want a claim. I want to know what happened to the rest of my bed! That was the whole reason I chose to use a mover instead of getting new stuff.”

Kendra Santos

“A special thank you to Cargo Movers team for always going above and beyond. Caner and his team go above and beyond, even in difficult situations they maintain a positive attitude and have helped us achieve numerous successful moves over the years. Cargo Movers will always be our first moving & storage company we call to get the job done right and on time. Thanks for all the hard work you have provided to Us. Kendra Santos!”



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