Good To Be Safe From Coronavirus While Moving

Good To Be Safe From Coronavirus While Moving


A lot of people move their home and office for several reasons hence it is given that moving is an inevitable task for everyone. Earlier, moving wasn’t a lot of fuss as there was no major precautions that one had to take. All people had to do is find a new place to live, gather some boxes to stuff their belongings in, or contact a moving service to help them out. It was pretty much simple and straight forward. However, now as we are living amidst a pandemic, everything has changed a lot. The world has become different and safety and precaution is on everyone’s priority list. From masks and gloves to sanitization and social distancing, we are living a world with new rules that we are trying to get accustomed to.

Maintain safety around coronavirus

If you can put off moving during this time, definitely do so, but if there is no choice and you have to move, then you must follow certain steps to do it safely.

Know About Your New Home’s Coronavirus Rules

If you are moving within the same city, then the coronavirus safety rules won’t be any different, however, moving away further means you can end up somewhere with stricter rules. There are various coronavirus hit hotspots and the rules there are way different, which is of course for their safety and everyone around them. So be sure to check out their guidelines and follow the rules mentioned to make the moving process a hassle-free and safe task.

Check Your Moving Company’s Availability

When you are moving, double-check everything to be on the safer side. If you are planning on hiring a moving company, that’s a great decision as it can save you a lot of stress and headache. As new safety rules have been implemented and various industries are not even operating at the moment, check the company that you are hiring is available or not. Getting a verbal or written confirmation will ensure that there won’t be any delays in your move.

When you are talking to them, ask about the policies and procedures they've implemented to maintain safety around coronavirus. They will have a plan to share with you and after listening to it, you will be able to make a decision as to whether it is safe to proceed with the company or not. As a tip, ensure that the washing off the blankets and sanitization of the trucks (inside and outside) is mentioned as one of the steps to your safety.

Stock Up on Coronavirus-Related Supplies

New Moving Boxes

As movers will be coming to your place and there will be a lot of traveling involved, it can get quite risky at the time of coronavirus. So, you must make sure that you have gloves and masks, which you and your movers can wear, in case they don’t have their own. Make sure you use reusable masks so that they can be washed by the end of the day and are ready to be worn the next day. Also, keep a sanitizer by your door so that anyone coming in or going out can use it.

Buy New Moving Boxes

Usually, the movers bring the storage boxes with them, but it won’t hurt in having extra handy. Avoid used boxes as you really don’t know where they have come from so buy the new ways to add that extra layer of safety. Germs can linger on boxes for around 24 hours, so it would be better if you don’t take any risks and be well prepared.

Well Organize Your Move

It is vital to keep your move organized as you have to think about social distancing and coronavirus safety as well.  Start by creating a packing inventory, so that you know what will go in each box. Separate the things that will go in the truck and the ones that you will take in your own car. Don’t forget to keep all the papers regarding the move in your immediate possession and share your moving day itinerary with friends and family so that they know where you are if they must reach out.

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