Packing is something EVERYONE dreads when moving. You’re distracted by things you find from years ago, it is too much work and too little time, or you just simply wish you did not have to do it yourself. What is important is, that when you are packing you are not wasting too much time on things that you don’t need, so while moving is such a hassle and a pain, the good thing is that you can get a little “spring” cleaning out of it too! Here are some tips on how you can turn your old into gold!

Like all things in life, its important to plan your move ahead of time. This means, booking your move early and making sure you get a good deal for being an early bird! This way you are ensuring you have enough time to get rid of somethings that you don’t really need. The easiest way to do this, is either set up a fun garage sale or post an add on Kijiji.

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale:

Although garage sales seem like they are a lot of work, but they can get easier when you take the time to plan them, which is why it is important to plan your move ahead of time. This way everything isn’t scrambled together on your move date. Things to keep in mind for planning your garage sale are the following:

  • Timing
  • Organization
  • Getting the word out
  • Gathering Supplies
  • Sorting and Setting Prices
  • Sell!
  • Plan B


Have you ever seen a garage sale during the winter? – No. Unless you are living where the sun is beautifully shining everyday. But if you live where most of us Canadians live, and experience our awesome winters, then there is a reason winter garage sale aren’t common. It’s always about timing, and late Spring to early Fall is the ideal time of year for a successful garage sale. As for the days of the week, you can have better luck during holidays, long weekends, and regular weekends that start from Fridays to Sundays. Both Saturday and Sundays are good options. If you schedule it on a Saturday, you have the option to extend it to Sunday if things don’t sell as quickly a you expect. If you are occupied during the weekends and are wishing for a weekday sale, then aim for a late afternoon period where most people are not at work and can enjoy your merchandise!


Now that you have an idea for your date, lets talk about what you will actually sell. You can think of this process as your pre-move organization. Grab a container or box and go through your home, one room at a time. As you go through your things, think about how often you use each item, and or how you use it. If you haven’t used it in months (or even years!) then its time to toss it. While you’re bound to come across a few things that you will need to toss, there is a great chance that you can get some value from it before its completely gone from your possession. People will buy just about anything from old electronics and clothing to furniture and trinkets. You can always donate or recycle anything that doesn’t end up selling.

Getting the Word Out

The next step is to let the neighborhood know what you’re up to! Most people make signs to post around the community. While doing so is great it is important to include all the significant details like where it is, the date, hours, and include a short and general list of some items you will have for sale. This helps people decide if your sale is interesting enough for a visit. This is also a good time to make some on-site- signs. These can be larger in size to catch the attention of people passing by and making it easier for them to find your sale!

As we now are so involved with technology, you can also create an online add, post on Facebook (asking friends and family to share it). Social media is especially great for spreading the word.

Gathering Supplies

It is important to display all your merchandise properly. Gather up any portable tables and lawn chairs that you can use to set up your sale. If you are selling a lot of clothes, you can use or borrow a garment rack to hang them on. You will also need some price stickers, tags, or tape in order to attach the prices to your contents.

You should also ensure there is cash with you so that you can give change back to your customers. It’s a good idea to have a mix of smaller bills and coins ready on hand. Going to the bank a day before the sale can be helpful to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Sorting and Setting Prices

Sorting out your items in categories can help your organization process run smoothly. Its easiest to group items like clothes and shoes together, and kitchen goods and electronics together. Once you have grouped them, you can start pricing your items, but try not to over price them considering that they are used, and your merchandise is not in an actual market. Keep in mind people like to negotiate, and you need to be realistic about how much people would actually pay.


As mentioned, people always like to bargain at events such as yard sales and garage sales. Just expect it to happen. Remember, the goal is to make it easier for you to get rid of the things you don’t want or need to take with you, so don’t get hung up on price. Consider how much of a hassle it would if you gave to get rid of it yourself – and that too, without a value. So, it might be worth it to accept a lower offer just to get it off of your hands.

Plan B

Truthfully, you will probably end up with a few things that wont sell. You should always have a PLAN B. You can take a picture of those that didn’t sell, and offer your price for them on Kijiji, and if they don’t sell there you can donate it to a charity. But remember, only do so if you have a lot of time on your hands. If time is not your best friend in this scenario, then its best to just drive straight to the closest Good Will or Value Village near you.

We hope this Blog turned some of your old into gold. If you’re an early bird also searching for a quote, click here to get a free quote now.

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